Animal Medical Center (Coeur d'Alene)


On behalf of Animal Medical Center, it is a privilege to be a part of your families and to be trusted to care for your “four-legged friends.” A salute, to those for have grown their wings and a welcome to those who are new in your lives.

This year is full of excitement in that Animal Medical Center has outgrown its facilities and has moved to a new location!  This is exciting as we are going to be able to provide an even more professional medical center for you and your pets: Increased overnight care, a larger waiting area, and more retail items will also be available for your needs.

We will also keep our web page: and Facebook will be updated regularly.

Thank you for your support and your continued support in 2014.

“As We Treat Your Pet As If It Were Our Pet…”


Dr. Justin W. Roscoe

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